Finding the best domain name for your business

When it comes time to create your website you will be considering what name should you use for the website address? This name is known as a ‘domain name’ and is a very important part of your business IT and digital marketing strategy.

Finding the best domain name for your business is complicated. It depends on a number of factors, including, but not limited to:

  • The overall brand message of your business
  • The overall goals of your business
  • The importance of your local service area to your business
  • The nature of your business

1. The overall brand message of your business

If your business has a powerful brand message then you are going to want to choose a domain name that resonates with your trading name or hero product. This is because your website will likely be portraying a heavily cultivated experience that may focus on a large number of environmental or subjective factors surrounding your business subject matter while also leading customers to information about your product or service. An example of this is milk companies that put a strong focus on their clean-green approach while having examples of their environmental efforts and the conservation projects that they sponsor.

2. The overall goals of your business

Is your business primarily about delivering on a brand promise or delivering profits to your shareholders? This will determine whether you choose a domain name that resonates more with your brand or whether you choose a technically advantageous domain name that will get you more immediate website traffic and leads from a particular approach. An example of this is an electrician called Alan who works in Northcote. He can either call himself to further push his reliable one-man-band and familiar face electrician image or he could register the domain which, with a little bit of content work, should help him rank on Google within a reasonable period of time.

lightbulb idea for new domain
electrical wires for industrial electrician brand

3. The importance of your local service area to your business

Note the example above, Alan could have registered and assuming he implemented his website content correctly - he could have a competitive advantage for local area searches for ‘northcote home electrician’, amongst other keywords.

4. The nature of your business

Are customers primarily acquired through word of mouth? For example, if you’re Steve - a specialist industrial electrician, then it is unlikely that a local home owner would be using your services to upgrade their lighting to LEDs. In this case, you may be better focusing on your brand image as an expert, knowledgeable industrial electrician as opposed to someone targeting a suburb to look for local leads. On a larger scale, you should consider whether your business is solely concentrated in one country (e.g. New Zealand - domains) or whether you may one day offer your services to the world (.com domains). Luckily for you we can register or .com (and more!) domains within dazzly.

Choosing and registering a domain for your business may feel daunting – you are welcome to pick up the phone and call 0800 122 090 and we can help you with the decision. However, when you are ready simply head to the ‘Domains’ menu within dazzly and click ‘Register a Domain’ to get started. Please note you will need to have an dazzly website and a paid plan before you can register a new domain.

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